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We cover potty training, house training, biting, jumping, and general obedience commands such as come, sit, and stay. We also cover general concerns and problems that include with this stage of life and the training needs your puppy has!


Basics include come, sit, down, stay, wait, and basic loose leash training. Covering also general concerns and problems that come with this stage of life and the training needs your dog has!


Following up on our basic obedience, Advanced Obedience continues the initial work begun with your dog, further developing their impulse control and general comprehension of obedience. This will depend on your dog's general competence with basic obedience, but from here we apply obedience training in public environments, and incorporate additional leash work, including Heel as well as general loose leash walking.


Often what I refer to as something akin to the SAT, this certification offered through the American Kennel Club covers 10 basic parameters of obedience and competency, from your basic obedience to your general expected behaviors of a well behaved dog. Generally basic and advanced obedience is required before the certification is approached, but we do also offer this as an option on an individual basis if your dog has completed additional training prior, contingent upon individual evaluation of each dog and their handler beforehand.


Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and general degrees of emotional support to groups of individuals, such as in authorized Medical and Assisted Living Care facilities. This is an opportunity for the dog and their Handler to further enrich the quality of life of those around them that they encounter during the process. This is a culmination of advanced obedience as well as additional Public Access training.


Service dogs are in a unique category entirely their own. A service dog is trained from the ground up to be an extension of their Handler, serving as an invaluable asset to their Handler's participation in the world around them. This covers a variety of specified tasks and functions that the dog can be trained to perform, contingent on each individual's needs and disabilities as detailed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Also Offering:

▪ Leash Aggression/Reactivity
▪ Separation Anxiety
▪ New Adoption Consults
▪ And much more!
▪ We also address basic impulse control, attention and focusing skills development. 

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